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How we create value

At Atenti we truly care about finding the right solution for each and every one of our clients. We work closely with all our customers to ensure that their specific accounting needs are being met. It’s all about finding the right combination of competence and technology.

At Atenti we are constantly working to improve ourselves. It is becoming increasingly important to stay on top of the newest technology. Our development is of great benefit to you as a customer. Countless companies are able to offer you an accounting system. The same does not go for valuable advising or forward-looking solutions. It is the combination of experience and competence that will help you achieve a profitable operation.

Our employees are our most valuable resource.

All of our employees are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Their decisions are based on professional insight and a love for their profession. Rest assured that our cooperation will be a profitable one and that our dedication is in no way depending on the size of your business.

Our employees are our most valuable resource.

Atenti består av erfarne og kunnskapsrike medarbeidere som synes regnskap er gøy, og stor faglig tyngde ligger i bunn for alt vi gjør. Det danner grunnlaget for et lønnsomt samarbeid, uavhengig av størrelse på kunde og oppdrag.

Modern financial systems

Our advanced financial systems make it possible for our clients to access their data online. At all times. Wherever they are. Imagine being able to do invoicing, attest vouchers or make travel bills on the go. We are talking about huge savings in both money and time spent. A win win situation for all of us.

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